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Who We Are

Who we are

mymaga™ is a brand of jp.ik. Founded in 1989, jp.ik drawn from the experience gathered for years in the Technology sector to enter the Education field in 2008.

jp.ik quickly became the leader of a global reference initiative pioneering ICT -based Education. The partnership with Intel® allowed jp.ik to become the largest company deploying Intel® Classmate student devices, having delivered over 12 million netbooks throughout the world, directly and through partners.With a vast experience providing educational solutions, jp.ik has created mymaga™. This new brand aims to be a breath of fresh air in the market and a revolutionary concept that will engage children and parents into a funnier and rewarding learning experience.

Our scale, scope, and knowledge allow us to identify gaps that no one else can. This is why we are dedicated to creating solutions that find a breakthrough in the way people learn and develop their potential.

mymaga today - mymaga arises as the result of a vast experience providing dedicated solutions for students around the world. mymaga delivers portable solutions able to take learning anywhere, and powerful enough to perform scientific assignments. We are not afraid of being different. We believe that we are one step ahead of the current knowledge society. Our community is made up of 21st century explorers. We give them the resources and the knowledge discovery is up to them.

mymaga is about new ideas. And they may come from everywhere.

Our mission - Our mission is to provide opportunities for the future generations by building their capabilities and self-confidence. mymaga devices are designed to inspire and prepare a generation that will have to deal with a whole new set of challenges in their future.

mymaga solutions are created for the many, not the few. That is why we offer high performance equipment, with the best price in the market today.